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Use LISTAGG to turn rows of data into a comma separated list

  The LISTAGG function aggregates a set of string elements into one string by concatenating the strings.   Example : Select dept, LISTAGG(Lastname, ‘, ‘)  Within  Group(Order by Lastname) As Employees From Emptable Group By Dept Sample Result :   Dept              Employees Admin            Adam, […]

IBM i talks to WATSON

We can invoke Watson API from IBM i using DB2’s SQL function Httpgetclob. Httpgetclob retrieves a text-based resource from the specified URL through an Http Get Request.Httpgetclob returns the resource as CLOB(5M) data. Example : Calling WATSON language translate Api to convert english to french using httpgetclob. Select Char(Systools.httpgetclob(‘’, ‘ ‘), 256) From Sysibm/Sysdummy1 Result […]

Business benefits to stay on IBM i

1. The most secure platform – ever – in terms of Security IBM i has been so far the only platform with no viruses.No real security events. It is much harder to hack  IBMi – as the entire solution is built upon each other: it is one coherent system, where each element “is aware” when […]

Control Tesla 3 from IBM i

IBMi is falsely perceived as a legacy system. It is easier to list things that IBMi cant do than the big list of things it can do. See below how Tesla 3 is controlled from IBMi