Ibm i – The most amazing IBM product you have never heard of

Db2 Nested Table Expression(NTE)

Nested Table Expression(NTE) is a select statement within a from clause Example : Select * From (Select max(salary) As MaxSalary, Dept From EmpMst E Group by Dept ) As T2

Db2 – Lpad() function

The LPAD (left pad) function is used to pad an expression on the left with spaces (default) or a string expression. This functions accept three parameters Expression to pad Length Padding expression (optional) Example : Select Lpad(EmpNbr, 10, ‘0’) From EmpMast Result: 0000000260

RDi keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Function ctrl + d duplicate the line you’re currently on ctrl + backspace delete the line you’re currently on ctrl + delete delete everything to the right of the cursor ctrl + shift + v verify ctrl + shift + c compile ctrl + f find Shift + f4 repeat find. up arrow […]

RDi Tip – Control structure match

Place your cursor at the beginning of a control structure (i.e. Select, Dow, Dou, If, For, etc) and press Ctrl+Shift+M and your cursor will be place at the corresponding end of that control structure. Continue pressing Ctrl+Shift+M to alternate between the two locations! With Select statements you can also place your cursor on a When […]