Myth1 : IBMi technology is old and no one is using it.

Fact: IBMi was introduced on Power Systems in 2008. IBM is constantly upgrading it with latest releases with great features.It runs on the latest Power Systems hardware and can do everything that the Linux and Windows OSes can do, including running modern Web and mobile applications.There are at least 34,000 companies, over 8,000 of whom have been confirmed as still using the platform. You can download the list of companies on

Myth2: IBMi is just an AS/400

Fact: IBMi is not an AS/400. IBM i maintains backward compatibility with many features and concepts of the original AS/400, but its capabilities have grown exponentially over the years.

Myth3; IBMi is more expensive than Linux or Windows Servers.

Fact: IBM i’s total cost of ownership is often far less than the equivalent processing power of a Windows or Linux install, even after accounting for initial acquisition costs.Ongoing costs are often less because there are fewer personnel requirements. More info on

Myth 4: IBM i is proprietary.
 IBM i has components that are proprietary, such as the object-based architecture, single-level store memory access, built-in database and security features, but many key, modern features are open source. These include Web servers, networking tools, programming languages, and native support for AIX and Linux commands and other databases such as MySQL

Myth 5: IBM i is only for green-screen programs.
  IBM provided a Web server and Web language as part of the OS  years ago. There are several approaches that are available to deliver a Web GUI from your IBM i while leveraging legacy application code. IBM i does Web as well as any other OS.

Myth 6: Only old languages like RPG,COBOL can be used to write programs on IBMi
In addition to those languages, programs can be written in Java, PHP, C, C++, Python, Node.js,Perl, REXX, Pascal, Smalltalk, SQL, Basic, Fortran, Ruby, Javascript and PL/1.


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