1. The most secure platform – ever – in terms of Security

IBM i has been so far the only platform with no viruses.No real security events.

It is much harder to hack  IBMi – as the entire solution is built upon each other: it is one coherent system, where each element “is aware” when something is intact and when something is infected.

The internal architecture of IBM i ensures that it is nearly impossible to run anything but authorized applications.

2. Efficiency – Huge Volumes of Data

You do not need highly experienced system architects to design your business and architecture that works.

An IBM i (AS/400) developer just sits down and can start to write meaningful code.

It is actually much easier to write high performing queries on IBM i than on other platforms – the hardware + software are optimized in a way that makes the entire software you run on IBM i simply fast.
On other platforms it is not uncommon that databases and queries must be optimized – losing precious time and money again. And: more often than not – it fails. Then you have to hire system architects.

3. It thinks business – it has the only Business Oriented Operating System

IBM i was meant to be business from the start – it is not a second thought to build software on it for the business.
What it means that you not only do not need system administrators, but you need no database administrators, either.

Another 60 – 120k USD per annum, saved. And yes, you need 2 of them if you want to be sure.

4. It is open and works together with any other software and business – WebService-Based Applications

There is a way to make your IBM i open to work together with any technology that comes to your mind.

The secret is “webservices”. Think of a common language that every modern application understands.
IBM i can be taught the language of webservice easily – yes!

It means that your IBM i  can be the backbone of your business today and in the future, as well.

No, you do not need to get it replaced.

5. High Availability – your business is always ON

IBM itself works hard to optimise both the hardware, and the operating system to keep pace with the increasing demand for 24×365 availability.

You can further make this availability higher with external solutions, products.

IBM i has high availability, built in – and that’s it.  It is not an add-on.

We have seen plenty of businesses where IBM i has been up and running for years, without one single re-start, even without High Availability options, hardware or software installed.

Can you think of any other platform, apart from mainframes (that comes at a much higher price point), with this kind of availability?

Other platforms need the server restarted several times a month. IBM i is always ON. The only downtime is the scheduled maintenance downtime.

6. Lower Staff Cost – it almost literally runs itself

You need fewer system administrators, therefore you need fewer IT managers to oversee them.

With clever automation solutions and high availability, it is obvious that you need fewer administrators to keep your systems up and running flawlessly.

Name another system where you need no high IQ warriors just to keep the system running. One system administrator will cost you 60 – 130k USD per annum. This is a significant cost.

7. Very low TCO – Total Cost of Ownership

IBM i + Power System’s TCO is 75% less on a 3 year period than on Windows or Linux server.
This alone should be a strong reason to stay on IBM i.