The Get Diagnostics statement provides diagnostic information about the last SQL statement (other than a Get Diagnostics statement) that was executed.


Exec Sql Update Cusmas set City = ‘CHICAGO’ where CusNbr = 1;

Exec Sql Get Diagnostics Condition 1



If the update statement was successful then MsgText will have something like this

“1 rows updated in CUSMAS in TESTLIB”

If the update statement could not find a record to be updated, you may get

“Row not found for update”

Condition 1 defines that we want the information from the most recent SQL statement that was executed.


To get the number of rows updated by the update statement

Sql Get Diagnostics Condition 1

:RowsCount = ROW_COUNT;


We can get other info from the SQL diagnostics like below:

Sql Get Diagnostics Condition 1



:MsgLen        = MESSAGE_LENGTH,

:MsgId           = DB2_MESSAGE_ID;


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